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What does the programme cover?

IOPN Diploma

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This qualification consists of four mandatory modules, which collectively consist of 18 units:

Module 1: Human Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism

This module is focused on providing a comprehensive overview of the theory of the relevant topics within exercise physiology, exercise metabolism and human nutrition and their practical application to working nutritionally with recreational and professional athletes and team sports in practice.

Module 2: Digestion and Intestinal Absorption & Macronutrients

This module provides learners with an overview of the science of the gastrointestinal system as well as the metabolic and nutritional roles of macronutrients in the context of different types of exercise. With this theoretical understanding, the module aims to provide learners with opportunities to apply these learnings nutritionally, to maintain or restore health and improve an exercising individual's sports performance.

Module 3: Micronutrients and Supplementation

This module aims to give learners a thorough understanding of fluid requirements for exercising individuals and team sports, the significance of micronutrients in health and performance, and an evidence-based overview of dietary supplements for athletes. Furthermore, learners will learn how to assess an athlete’s micronutrient status, appraise dietary supplement research, and conduct a needs analysis of dietary supplement requirements.

Module 4: Advanced Sports Nutrition

This module aims to provide learners with an overview of contemporary topics in sports nutrition, such as immune health and the athlete, the function of nutrition in modulating training adaptation, weight management strategies, implementing behaviour change techniques in practice, and personalising nutrition for different demographics, scenarios, and sporting events.

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