The IOPN program is focussed heavily on sport and exercise nutrition practice, as opposed to sport and exercise nutrition theory.

Our program is delivered using our unique three-part teaching structure: (1) relevant theory, (2) expert translation, and (3) competent application. Collectively this framework provides our students with an in-depth understanding that aids their proficiency as both lifelong learners of SEN and effective practitioners in the field.

Our program aims to educate aspiring and current practitioners on the theory of topics in sport and exercise nutrition and its relevance to practice, in addition to providing them with opportunities to apply their knowledge via ~40 real-world practice focussed case based scenario projects (rather than via traditional academic focussed essays and written projects). We believe that this approach best develops a sport and exercise nutritionist's understanding of the science, as well as their ability to translate theory into effective nutritional strategies in practice. You are supported through this process via MSc / PhD level registered sports nutritionists with a great deal of real-world practice experience.

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