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FAQ about the IOPN Diploma in Sports Nutrition
Do I need existing qualifications to be eligible to apply?
Do I need existing qualifications to be eligible to apply?

IOPN Diploma

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Yes, it is an advanced-level 7 programme and will require an appropriate amount of prior knowledge to build upon. Students will need either a university degree in a life science subject (i.e., biology, physiology) or specific to sport or nutrition (i.e., sports science, strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports nutrition, dietetics etc.). Students with degrees in psychology and education are also eligible. Alternatively, professionals with accredited certifications (e.g., personal training, nutrition coaching) plus a minimum of 1 year of relevant experience (e.g., as a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach, or nutritionist) will be accepted. In addition, all applicants must satisfy an IELTS 6.5 level (CEFR: C1) of English comprehension. Alternatively, if applicants can demonstrate that they have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in English in the last five years, then this will also be accepted as having met the standard without demonstrating IELTS certification.

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