What is a Level 7 Diploma?

IOPN Diploma

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A Level 7 Diploma is a format of formalised postgraduate learning in the United Kingdom at the masters degree level, but without an academic dissertation.

Level 7 Diplomas are typically offered by independent institutes of higher education, such as the IOPN. The IOPN Diploma is a unique, fully accredited (globally recognised), 96 Credit bearing practice-focussed program (rather than a research focussed program such as an MSc / MRes degree typically offered by traditional universities), and is uniquely designed and delivered by the IOPN.

The IOPN Diploma has been designed to focus on the specific vocational needs of a proficient sport and exercise nutrition practitioner looking to work in the “real world” workplace contexts that graduates will find themselves in.

Many of our students enter our program already having a masters degree in a related field (nutrition, dietetics, physiotherapy, medicine, sport science etc), and are looking to add sport and exercise nutrition to their scope of practice.

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